Birth Suite

West Country Midwives has created a separate home-like space in our clinic for families who may want a home-like environment for birth but do not want to birth at home or do not have access to home-birth services in their community.

A birth suite is a place for client’s to come labor and/ or birth in that is outside of, but close to, a hospital. The space is set up like a home and is cozy and comfortable but is stocked with all the necessary emergency equipment used by midwives if needed.

We strive to make this a relaxing, family friendly environment in order to facilitate the best birth possible. We welcome your whole birth team which may include family, friends, doulas, or birth photographers.

The birth suite has , a kitchen for the preparation of light meals and snacks, and a comfortable living room area for waiting family and friends. The birthing room is furnished bedroom with birth pool. The room  is fully equipped and accessorized for labour with the equipment stored discreetly out of sight. There is a smart tv, internet and  large variety of children’s toys that can be brought down from the clinic.


Is there a fee to use the Birth Suite?

Arbour Birth Center is a private birth center therefore there is a flat fee of $500.00 plus $25 GST for the use  of the birth suite for any time during labour and birth or postpartum. This include all the consumable supplies and waterbirth kit needed for the birth pool.

The costs for homebirth for waterbirth and homebirth supplies is approximately $175.  Hospital waterbirth kit costs are $94.50.

Do I need to bring sanitary napkins and diapers to the Birth Suite?

No. The birth suite stocks sanitary napkins and diapers. You will need to bring personal items such as clothes, toiletries and baby clothes.

What equipment is kept at the Birth Suite?

The Birth Suite is furnished with all of the equipment required by the Midwifery Standards of Competency and Practice for out of hospital births. This includes: oxygen equipment, equipment if baby needs help to breathe at birth, a means of keeping baby warm, supplies to start an intravenous drip, medications to control bleeding, and equipment and supplies for suturing. We also have nitrous oxide available for pain relief in labor.

How many people am I allowed to have with me?

The mother is the person who makes the decisions and she decides who she will have with her. She can have as few or as many people as she wishes.

Can I bring my child(ren)?

Children are welcome. We strongly advise that you have a responsible adult who is there only to look after the needs of the child(ren). There is a smart tv to watch Netflix and a few toys and books that can be brought down from the clinic to entertain young people waiting.

What happens when I go into labour?

When you go into labour, you call your midwife. She will assess you and between the two of you, you will decide when the time is right to go to the Birth Suite. Your midwife meet you there, let you in and provide ongoing care.

Is there someone at the Birth Suite all the time?

No, Registered midwives are oriented to the center and provided with their own key. Your midwife is the health care provider who opens the center for you and will be with you during the active labor, birth and immediate postpartum and they are available by phone to return if concerns arise.

Can I use other services (i.e. doula, chiropractic, acupuncture) during my labour at the Birth Suite?

Yes. These are services and people that you have chosen. You invite or contract with them to be a part of your birth team. You are the one who decides who will be with you.

What if something goes wrong?

Midwives are skilled in picking up problems early and dealing with them. Often the problem can be corrected. If there is a concern, but mother and baby are in no immediate danger, then they transfer into hospital by private vehicle with the midwife following. If either mother or baby are at risk (which is rare), then EMS is called. There are two ambulance stations close to the birth suite and response times are short. The paramedics work with the midwives to transfer the mother/baby to the hospital obstetric unit where the fastest care can be provided.

How long can I stay at the Birth Suite after the baby is born?

The usual length of stay is 2 – 4 hours. You and your midwife will determine when you and your newborn baby are ready to return home or if there is any need to be followed more closely in hospital. However, you may choose to stay up to 72 hours if needed if you are travelling for care as this ensures timely access to help in the first days postpartum and well established breastfeeding before you go home.

What if the birth suite is being used when I am in labour?

If the birth suite is being used when you go into labor then you will have the option of a home-birth or hospital birth. We have a home-birth kit with al the needed products for $75 +GST and a waterbirth kit ($90+GST) if waterbirth is desired.

What are the booking details?